The 4th Annual Meeting of Chinese Academy of Esthetic Dentistry



XiaMen, Fujian Province, China.
The Chinese Academy of Esthetic Dentistry works to promote the development of esthetic dentistry. Following the highest moral standards and technical standards, the academy establishes an industry-leading position. With its publications and educational lectures, it also promotes interdisciplinary exchanges and studies. Nowadays, the academy is playing an important role in the transnational social communications and friendship. By continuously improving the esthetic standards in the dentistry, it strives to meet the public’s esthetic needs for their teeth.

    Meeting Calendar

   (December 9th to 11th, 2017) 

   Dec. 9th:
   10:00-12:00    Case Competition of Members
   12:00-13:00   Lunch
   13:00-14:00   Dr.Jiangwu Yao (China): Combined application of Fotona Er:YAG and Nd:YAG laser in dentistry
   14:00-15:00  Dr. Weicai Liu (China): Establishment of digital virtual dental patient and the application in aesthetic reconstruction
   15:00-15:15   Tea break
   15:15-16:00   Dr.Tanaka Aoi (Japan): The consciousness of implantology and aesthetic prosthetics
   16:00-17:30   Dr.Toshihisa Matsukawa (Japan): Digital solutions in top-down treatment
    Dec. 10th: “International Communication Day”

    08:30-10:00   Dr.Chris Chang (Taiwan): The esthetic connection of orthodontic treatment and implant therapy

    10:00-10:30   Tea break

    10:30-12:00   Dr.Yen-Wei Chen (USA): Digital revolution in esthetic dentistry 

    12:00-13:00   Lunch

    13:00-14:30   Dr.Naoki Hayashi (Japan): A Challenge to natural teeth - hearing the heart beats within

    14:30-15:30  Dr.Ryan Tse Tak On (Hong Kong): Application of Invisalign treatment in multi disciplinary dentistry  

    15:30-15:45   Tea break

    15:45-17:15   Dr.Ali Tahmaseb (Netherlands): Digital surgical planing

    Dec. 11th: ‘‘Asia-Pacific Communicating Day’’

    08:30-09:30    Dr.Anthony Tay (Singapore): From direct to indirect: management of in general practice composite restorations
    09:30-10:30    Dr.Ying Wu (China): Aesthetic concept, design and clinical implementation of single tooth to multiple dental implantology
    10:30-10:45    Tea break
    10:45-12:15    Dr.Hai Zhang (USA): Implant restorations: from analog to digital
    12:00-13:00    Lunch
   13:00-14:30    Dr.Sascha A Jovanovic (USA): Anterior aesthetic implant surgery for predictable gingival harmony in complex cases
   14:30-15:00    Tea break
   15:00-17:00    Dr.Sascha A Jovanovic (USA): Surgical augmentation of bone and soft tissue, the optimal abutment design and choice with temporary and the ceramic final result

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